How to Get Even More Out of Google

Beyond the search, chat, and map functions, Google offers more than 300 features—some obscure, all gratis. Here, four of its most useful add-ons.


Photo: Courtesy of Google


An online community created with your connections. Pose a question ("Best gym in Tribeca?") and it seeks answers from experts among your contacts.

Google Voice

A virtual phone number and voice mailbox that lets you listen to messages online, even as they're being left, and block certain callers as spam.

Follow Finder

A "genius"-like algorithm that compares your Twitter feed (who you're following and who's following you) with others' to make tailored suggestions.

Mail Goggles

A quiz that can be activated at specific times of the day. Before you send e-mails, you have to solve math problems, saving you from ill-advised booty calls.

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