How To Get Great Hair? Watch Hanz de Fuko's YouTube Channel

If sock-bun tutorials are the biggest hair-related YouTube hit with women, Hanz de Fuko has a tight grip on that space amongst male viewers.

Sock-bun tutorials are among the biggest recent hair-related YouTube hits with women, but these videos don't do much for the male audience. We may have found the masculine equivalent: Hanz de Fuko, an organic grooming line and cult favorite with celebs like Calvin Harris, Mark Foster, and David Beckham, has its own YouTube channel with 50-plus instructional videos (and millions of views) that explain how to score the sought-after styles of celebs like Andrew Garfield and Channing Tatum.

"Guys still won't ask other guys how to do their hair!" says Jarrett Winfield, who started the company four years ago with his Bay Area childhood friends David Alfonso and Christopher Zent. "The aim of the videos was to exchange ideas from the privacy of their own homes."

True to their eco-centric roots, the line uses organic ingredients (like coconut and palm derivatives instead of chemical sulfates) and recyclable packaging. If you want to give them a try, we recommend their best seller, the Sponge Wax. "It's the next generation of high-hold, low-shine waxes," says Alfonso. "It provides awesome texture without weighing down hair as most waxes do."

Kristen Dold (@kristendold), associate editor at Details

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