How to Get the Most Out of Your Hotel Stay—Using Twitter

Change reservations, flirt with fellow guests, and make all the housekeeping requests you like from your smartphone or computer.

Images courtesy of respective hotels.

Long gone are the days of sifting through travel guides, calling hotels, and even scrolling through websites to plan your escape. Now, all you need is a Twitter account and a Wi-Fi connection. Targeting millennials, hotels across the globe are making it easier to pretty much do anything in regard to your stay by incorporating the popular social media platform. That means you can finally say goodbye to awkward run-ins with the concierge.

This isn't the only social media community the hotel industry is getting involved in; there's already an Instagram-themed hotel in Australia. At this rate, we're wondering what's next. Tinder-themed B&Bs? Until then (let's hope that isn't for a while), the following places are implementing Twitter to help limit your time spent at the front desk and maximize your time spent exploring. Whether you need to make or cancel a reservation or order room service, or just want to see what other guests have planned for the evening, these hotels allow you to do it in 140 characters or less.

Tweet for Reservations

Some drop-down calendars force you to learn a whole new interface to select the exact month and days of your travel. Now there's an easier, more humane way to book your stay: directly via Twitter. The Loews Hotels were among the first, but other chains including W and Hyatt caught on quickly. Tweet your dates and preferred room type at any of these hotels and you'll receive a timely response from a representative. And if they botch the reservation, you have the tweets as proof.

Tweet for VIP Treatment

In the old days (like last decade), the only way you could score special amenities at a hotel was if you made it clear you were a high roller or were getting married. Times have changed: Brands like Pueblo Bonito and Thompson Hotels have created guest incentives for Twitter users. When staying at a Thompson hotel, for example, tweet them the details and there's a good chance you'll be greeted by a personalized surprise gift in your room, like complimentary wine, pastries, and food baskets. Pueblo Bonita hotels give Twitter users a $50 voucher just for a follow as long as you've reserved a three-night stay at one of their Mexico resorts.

Flirt Via Hashtags

The first ever Twitter-themed hotel, @SolWaveHouse by Meliá Hotels, has created new ways to interact virtually with fellow guests in case mingling at the bar or flirting in the elevator isn't your thing. In addition to connecting guests to the concierge via @SolWaveHouse, hotel guests can use the hashtag #SocialWave to connect with one another, or use #TweetPartySuite to connect with other guests in the suites, or try #TweetPoolParty to... well, you get the picture. Even the bali beds by the pool have their own hashtags—that way if you pass someone you're interested in, you can find them with a simple tweet. Virtual reality, meet actual reality.

Tweet to Reach the Concierge

If dialing the concierge and explaining your needs to a live human being seems old-fashioned (or maybe you're just not in your room), Hyatt has a specific account just for their concierge, @HyattConcierge so you can order room service, ask for directions, summon housekeeping, or request something embarrassing from anywhere—without picking up the phone or going downstairs. At the Sol Wave House in Mallorca you can request pretty much everything via Twitter with hashtags like #FillMyFridge. Let's just hope your needs can be explained in under 140 characters. And if you have a really personal request, we suggest a Direct Message.


Images courtesy of respective hotels.

Twitter as Décor

The Mirage Las Vegas has a designated Twitter projection in its lobby, which is essentially a massive computer screen built into the wall featuring a live tweet stream with its own hashtag, #MirageLobbyTalk. This comes in handy when there's a long line at the front desk; some of the questions you might have asked the concierge will be answered with a tweet while you're waiting. Twitter even has its own TV channel in London's Corinthia Hotel. Guests can tune to the Twitter channel in their rooms to see what's going on at the hotel; it displays all hotels tweets and mentions. It's kind of like watching the old-school TV guide channel, but a lot more humorous. Sol Wave House goes a step further by decorating guest rooms and the lobby in Twitter's trademark shade of baby blue. Plus, you can sip baby-blue Twitter-themed shots or frozen cocktails at the hotel's Friday #TwitterPoolParty.

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