How to Play the Odds—and Get Lucky—on

If you've checked out the buzzed-about webcam free-for-all known as Chatroulette, you've probably discovered that it's very aptly named: Logging on really is akin to spinning a wheel of fortune. Only instead of red and black, the options are giant penis and animated sock puppet.

Just like in Vegas, where your odds of hitting on the roulette table are 37:1, or 2.6%, your chances of finding an actually desirable chat partner (an attractive topless woman perhaps?) are predictably low. But what exactly are those odds? We forced our intrepid interns to sit through 1,000 different spins on so we'd have answers (and they'd have nightmares).

Chances of seeing a guy: 81%

Chances of seeing a sad, bored guy alone at a desk, on a couch, or in a bed: 56%

Chances of seeing a guy fondling his crotch: 10.2%

Chances of seeing an erect penis: 6.4%

Chances of seeing a guy masturbating on a toilet: 0.3%

Chances of seeing a couple having sex: 0.3%

Chances of seeing a girl: 12%

Chances of seeing a girl's boobs: 1.6%

Chances of seeing a sign asking a girl to expose her boobs: 2.2%

Chances of seeing a slumber party, defined as two or more girls hanging out in a bedroom: 2.9%

Chances of seeing a sock puppet: 0.2%

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