How To Shop The New Ralph Lauren Mansion

Ralph Lauren is unveiling his new and improved, men's only Rhinelander Mansion at 867 Madison Avenue in New York.

Later this week, Ralph Lauren will open the doors to his new-and-improved Rhinelander Mansion at 867 Madison Avenue in New York City. The enormous Beaux Arts building, which has been the center of the Polo empire for around 25 years, used to sell both men's and women's clothing. Starting this weekend, it's all men's on all four floors, which means you get not only 20,000 square feet of Polo goodness but also all the unexpected extras that come from dedicating a lot of space to each label. It's no longer just a sliver of Double RL, but the whole savory Americana cake. Not just made-to-measure suits at Purple Label, but made-to-measure accessories, too, including a regal-looking crocodile monogrammed cuff-link box. "Worlds within worlds," is how Charles Fagan, Ralph Lauren's chief of staff, describes the re-upped retail experience. And he would know. He started selling cashmere sweaters on the ground floor of the iconic shop in 1986. And while you'll still find plenty of colorful crewnecks here, you'll also discover all sorts of new stuff from Black Label, Purple Label, RLX, and Double RL as well as some jaw-dropping collectibles, like a top-loading CD player by Oracle and a Carl Mertens tabletop fireplace. And then there's the service. In addition to providing exclusive products, the store can monogram your polos in the time it takes you to go from floor to floor—around 20 minutes. And if you happen to forget that tuxedo shirt you need for an after-work black-tie event, a collaboration with Mercedes-Benz guarantees a sleek car can deliver it promptly and stylishly to you. There are lots of racks to explore. Here, the Details cheat sheet to help you get started.

  1. Double RL's Flannel Workshirts (3rd Floor)

    Authentic workwear construction with anchor-engraved buttons for good measure.

    RL Cufflinks.jpg

  2. White Gold Skull Cuff Links with Diamond Eyes (4th floor)

    Tough, luxe, and just rebellious enough to shake up any black-tie outfit.

    RL Trench.jpg

  3. Black Label's Storm Denim Trench Coat (4th floor)

    Even with an of-the-season shearling collar, this classic retains its masculinity.

    RL Boot.jpg

  4. Venedict Boots (3rd floor)

    Two of our favorite things in one product: boiled wool and rugged leather. Enough said.

    RL Jacket.jpg

  5. RLX's AC Road Runner Jacket (3rd floor)

    Wear it over a T-shirt or under a blazer—it's the ideal layer for early fall days.

    RL Bag.jpg

  6. Tartan Boston Duffel (2nd floor)

    An exclusive to 867 Madison, this carryall is another way to get your plaid on.

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