Style Essential: HOWL Gives Streetwear a Smart Twist

Familiar pegged jeans and deconstructed cardigans with a surprising intellectual approach.

Like you, we're as comfortable in jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of worn-in Cons as we are in a bespoke suit. Thing is, even if the ease of a streetwear wardrobe always lures us in, we hate looking dressed down. That's why we're considering an investment in HOWL's fall/winter 2011 collection. Hailing from Japan, where intelligence is brought to even the most casual clothes, HOWL splices together looks that would be familiar on Brooklyn's Bedford Avenue or the Santa Monica Pier with the attention the French tend to give to their designs. A cold-weather jacket with a train reminiscent of a beetle wings, long, tunic-like chambray shirts, and deconstructed cardigans work perfectly with more familiar pegged jeans and plaid shirts. An intellectual streetwear collection for dudes, this one has it all.

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