The Week in Fashion: Kanye Drops His Leather Skirt, Bieber's New Gas Mask Accessory, Adidas x Tom Dixon Collaboration

The week's top five stories in fashion news.

The week's top five stories in fashion news.

Oh Kanye, you are the lord of deception. We were all so proud of you for making it okay (sort of) for men to wear leather skirts. But then you chickened out (apparently some of your friends were teasing you too much) and asked Getty to remove all images of you in said skirt. Who knew Kanye would cave to peer pressure? Well, Kanye, we will never forget. Here's an image of the rapper in said leather skirt. Pictures like this are a dying breed now, so savor it before he sends us a cease-and-desist. (Jezebel)


What's going on with Justin Bieber? He's been running around London celebrating his 19th birthday in all kinds of crazy drop-crotch pants slung low on the waist (a failed homage to '90s rappers?) and now he's added a gas mask to the ensemble. Yes, you read that correctly: gas mask. Justin, this isn't the Givenchy Men's Spring 2011 show. (Zimbio)

We've noticed more than a few mid-market brands going upscale to appeal to a more discerning customer. The latest comer to this game is G Star, who will offer a custom-made denim service.RAW Tailored Atelier is now available in the brand's New York, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills stores. (Complex)


It seems like a new designer collaboration is launched every ten minutes, but this one really has us excited. Sportswear monolith Adidas is teaming up with famed industrial designer Tom Dixon on a collection of bags and accessories. Check out some of Dixon's designs—we're excited to see how this will translate into gym wear. (WWD)


Although it's hard to admit sometimes, there's a lot more going on in men's fashion outside of New York City. Maybe it's time for vacation? Kempt has an international guide to the latest and greatest in men's retail destinations. (Kempt)

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