Is the TV Guide of the Future?

Think you're hooked on YouTube? You haven't seen anything yet until you stream videos from one of the 100-plus channels on

Photograph: Getty Images; Courtesy of ID-PR.

Despite its out-there-sounding name, is a lot like normal TV, which is exactly why it's so damn addictive.

The site collects videos from across the Web and curates them into 100 themed channels that stream 24 hours of content a day in half-hour to multi-hour blocks (take the POP ART channel's behind-the-scenes clips from Jeff Koons' studio and interviews with Ai Weiwei).

What makes the service truly unique is that it employs programmers—real, live humans!—who preview the material instead of relying on YouTube-style algorithms that suggest the same videos over and over. Because if you want to watch reruns, you know where to go.

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