Italian Style Goes for a Hike: Camo's Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

True Italian style is the curated appearance effortlessness. Sprezzatura they call it. But this studied casualness isn't…

True Italian style is the cultivated appearance of effortlessness. Sprezzatura, they call it. But this studied casualness isn't just for riding bikes down Milanese back streets or posing for The Sartorialist. Sometimes sprezzatura needs a little time in nature. That's where the spring/summer 2012 lookbook from Stefano Ughetti's Camo comes in. Based in Biella, in the foothills of the Alps, Camo utilizes local craft and fabrics to combine Italian aesthetics with rugged wearability. Perhaps that's why these models look so good hiking up mossy hills and posing near waterfalls. The tailored suit jackets, slightly high-waisted pants, detailed knit polo shirts, and wide-brimmed felt hats are stylish enough to wear around town but can also survive a weekend in the country—ideal for an active sprezzatura lifestyle.

By Tania Jachens

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