James Franco Shaved His Head Because Of Course He Did

The actor's latest hairstyle is by far the most low maintenance.

Image courtesy of Instagram


It was only a few weeks ago that James Franco was like Fuck this, I'm going blonde and debuted a tawny new look on Instagram. But Franco is a restless creature who likes to keep us on our toes, so today he revealed his latest look which includes a shaved head and a bushy 'stache. And if the look is a little reminiscent of a certain '70s porn trope, what of it?

As Franco revealed, the extreme buzz cut is in preparation for the film Zeroville, an adaptation of the 2007 novel where the lead character has a tattoo on his bald head. Oh, those sunglasses? They're Gucci, or Gooch as he calls them. You look good, brother, but for the time being, excuse us if we mourn your more hirsute days.

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