Style Expert James McNally on the Next Big Brands from Japan

What will soon be washing up on our shores this season?


It's a clichéd cycle: Japanese trendsetters adopt and retool American styles, and designers in the U.S. and Europe — keeping tabs on the Uru-Hara hipsters — bring the fashions right back home. Here are four looks doing well in Japan that are prime candidates for a stateside reappearance.


The Champion Hoodie

In the U.S., Champion has Wal-Mart status. In Japan, the halcyon days live on — as demonstrated by the ongoing collaboration between the brand and Japanese darling Nanamica, which has done an uncanny job of imbuing Champion with unassailable coolness, as seen in this deftly updated sweatshirt.

$178 at


The Hippie-Friendly Climbing Pant

One emerging trend revolves around blending psychedelia and outdoorsy influences — channeling, perhaps, a rock-climbing hippie, circa 1970 — and the aesthetic is well represented by these fringed pants by Aldies.

$153 at


The Porter Waist Bag

Teaming up with Porter on a waist bag is becoming a rite of passage for Japanese labels; one example is this multi-pocket version from White Mountaineering's AW2010 collection. I recommend it worn as a shoulder bag, except for the extremely confident.

$348 at


The Native American-Inspired Cape

Native American influences have been running rampant for several seasons. This South2 West8 cape, done in a vibrant Navajo print, is just one of many strong examples — but one of the most unapologetic, capitalizing on the emergence of the cape as a key statement piece for forward-thinking labels.

$644 at

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