Shaving Like JFK Could Set You Back $1,500

The former President's grooming kit goes up for auction next week.

Image courtesy of RR Auction.

Have you ever seen a picture of John F. Kennedy sporting a beard? No, no you haven't. And that's because throughout his life he used a brass Gillette shaving kit that, come next week, you could very well buy at auction.

On Sept. 11, Boston's RR Auctions will sell a collection of presidential memorabilia that includes a gold Rolex that once belonged to Dwight Eisenhower (the auction house's executive vice president Bobby Livingston told us he thinks it'll sell for over a $1 million), and a pair of Abraham Lincoln's glasses. The Kennedy kit contains the former president's razor, brush, blade box, and two canisters: one for shaving powder, the other for the brush. All of the items are monogrammed JFK, and they fit neatly into a leather case with a purple velvet lining. It was found in London, and is thought to have been used while Kennedy's father Joseph was America's ambassador to the United Kingdom in the late 1930s.

Funnily enough, RR Auctions also sold a nearly identical one of JFK's shaving kits just last year for close to $27,000. The minimum bid on this year's razor and its accoutrement is $1,500, but we wouldn't be surprised if it got close to the mark set by last year's kit.


Image courtesy of RR Auction.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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