JP of The Selvedge Yard's 3 Essential (and Stylish) Pieces of Biker Gear

Nowadays, there's more biker gear than you can shake a stick at—from old-school to high-tech.

As a kid growing up in a hardcore Harley household in the seventies and eighties, I can tell you that biker gear was pretty primal stuff those days. No-frills, utilitarian basics were accrued, used, and abused—then discarded once they were road-worn, threadbare, and beyond repair. If you wanted anything fancy, you personalized it yourself with patches, spot-work, chains, stitching, and stickers—but not too many people were into ornamental back then.

Nowadays, there's more gear than you can shake a stick at—from old-school to high-tech. And what you choose definitely tells the world how you roll. These are the three goodies I long for that didn't get crossed off the holiday list:

helmet copy_blog.jpg

Les Ateliers Ruby's Pavillon Helmet

The iconic Pavillon, inspired by Steve McQueen and science fiction, is lined with lambskin and trimmed with chrome. There are a ton of unique color options, but I'm going St. Germain black.


Holliday Wallet

Made by hand with badass designs, Holliday wallets are available by special order from the guys at Hated of the World. If you don't see one that suits you, they'll create something for you from scratch.

(starting at $140,

Glory Utility 55 Selvedge Jeans

Made in Los Angeles using 12-1/2 ounce Cone Mills selvedge denim, these jeans are as much about performance as good looks. This style is patterned after Levi's 1955 Red Line 501s, with a less tapered leg than the company's more classic cuts so you can wear them with boots.


Head to The Selvedge Yard to get more insights on biking in style.


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