Designer Jonathan Saunders on How Furniture Inspired His Spring 2015 Menswear Collection

"This collection is a more mature, grown-up offering."

Image courtesy of Jonathan Saunders.

Jonathan Saunders went back to his formative days as a product designer to cull inspiration for his spring 2015 collection. During his presentation, an eerie soundtrack played in the background while models stood motionless in the mostly yellow, brown, and orange garments. And for this designer, who wanted his audience to focus on the details, that environment was key.

What is the inspiration behind this season's collection?

I've gone back to my roots on this one and have drawn inspiration from Italian interiors from the early eighties. Before fashion designing, I used to design furniture, and from the collection, you will see there is a contrast between textiles. I based part of the collection on Ettore Sottsass' pre-Memphis work, as you'll see from the gold, white, and cream.

What are your key pieces from the collection?

The aim of the collection was to focus on the details. I looked at what people were buying and then added my own approach. This collection is less about color and more about refined elegance, as you'll see in the knitwear pieces and bomber jackets.

How have your designs changed since the last time you showed your work?

The brand itself has evolved, and with it so has the end product. This collection is a more mature, grown-up offering. It's aimed at the more sophisticated customer who is looking for high-quality clothing. It also takes note of what the new customer wants and provides the choice for them.


Image courtesy of Jonathan Saunders.


Image courtesy of Jonathan Saunders.


Image courtesy of Jonathan Saunders.


Image courtesy of Jonathan Saunders.


Image courtesy of Jonathan Saunders.

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