Just Stop: Wearing Black Plastic Eyeglasses

Fashion director Matthew Marden takes issue with the popularity of black plastic eyeglasses.

In the "Just Stop" series, Details fashion director Matthew Marden identifies abominations in men's fashion. This week he has a major issue with black plastic glasses.

Black plastic eyeglasses have been all the rage for too long now. Everywhere you go, you see guys sporting these frames. I admit that some men actually do look really handsome in them. The rest of you look like wannabe extras from Mad Men. It's time to move on.

Many people don't seem to realize that this frame shape is not flattering for all faces. It can look clunky and out of proportion. You never want people to notice your glasses before they notice you. Eyeglasses should complement the wearer, not distract from him. If you still choose to sport black plastic frames, go for a pair that are thinner and don't overpower your face. The thicker ones work best on men with strong, dark features, a la Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent. However, I'm betting there aren't many guys who would compare themselves to the Man of Steel, so just stop.

—Matthew Marden (@DetailsMatt), fashion director at Details

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