Her Cup Runneth Over: Kate Moss' Boob Is Now a Champagne Coupe

The model's bosom has inspired some celebratory glassware.

Image courtesy of Getty Images

Yes, you read that correctly.

Here's the thing: You, dear sir, will probably never be within touching distance of Kate Moss' breasts. And that's probably best for both parties. However, thanks to a creative mènage á trois between Moss, artist Jane McAdam, and the restaurant 34 in London you can get a very clear idea as to their exact dimensions. See, McAdam took a mold of the model's chest and and then transformed it into a champagne coupe for those dining at the upscale eatery.

This isn't as random—or creepy—as it sounds. A longstanding tradition has it that champagne coupes were originally inspired by the perfect shape of Marie Antoinette's bosom, and the restaurant 34, where Moss celebrated her 40th(!) birthday earlier this year, thought the supermodel deserved the royal treatment too. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels? Maybe, unless that something is top-shelf bubbly sipped from a chalice made in homage to your own breasts, perhaps?


Image courtesy of Getty Images

*The Kate Moss champagne coupe.

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