Don't Skip Your Next Workout—Skype It

Take your laptop—and personal trainer—with you wherever you go.

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Gary Gould is a 30-year-old financial adviser in Los Angeles with a schedule that leaves little room for a personal trainer—even though he knows he needs one. "I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and catch an occasional workout," he says. "Now if I don't stay with it, I gain weight. But if I don't have someone push me, I skip workouts." After meeting trainer Jarett Del Bene, he no longer has that excuse. When he has to fly to New York to meet clients or to Dallas for a conference, Gould schedules a Skype session with Del Bene, who customizes a workout depending on whether his client is in a gym or a hotel room.

"You have to evolve," says Teddy Bass, an L.A. trainer who's worked with James Van Der Beek and Guy Oseary. "Everyone says they can't make it to the gym. Bullshit. You don't have to go to the gym." Mandy Ingber, creator of the Yogalosophy DVDs and Jennifer Aniston's yogi, says, "It's a pretty intimate relationship." She started offering Skype one-on-ones after Kate Beckinsale asked her to keep up their sessions while she was on the Underworld set. As for Gould, he likes the convenience of the Skype workouts so much that even when he's home in L.A. he'll sometimes tell Del Bene otherwise. "If I don't feel like seeing him in person, I'll say I'm in Kansas."

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Can You Get in Shape Watching YouTube?

If you don't want to splurge on a Skype session, there are plenty of free online videos to help.

The Ex-Porn Star __Zuzana Light__

Best For: Guys who like to work out with … ex-porn stars

Credentials: Starred in Lesbian Fantasies; now devotes her life to fitness.

M.O.: Posts intense strength-training workouts every week.

Signature Move: The burpee The Fighter Martin Rooney

Best For: Bar brawlers and wannabes

Credentials: Author of Warrior Cardio; consulted for the New York Giants

M.O.: Train like a fighter to improve speed, strength, and flexibility.

Signature Move: The perfect push-up The Cool Yogi Tara Stiles

Best For: Guys who like om-free yoga

Credentials: Former model; owner of Strala Yoga in New York City

M.O.: Focused on making students look good, not enlightenment.

Signature Move: Downward dog split The Camp Counselor Jon Hinds

Best For: Men who miss the playground

Credentials: Has 10 locations of his Monkey Bar Gymnasium.

M.O.: Body-weight training; playing with jump ropes, sandbags, and tires.

Signature Move: The handstand

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