Lily Allen: "If He's Gonna be Yeezus, I Sure as Hell Wanna be Sheezus"

The troublemaking pop star returns, sounding as sharp as ever.

The 28-year-old Brit-pop provocateur learned a few things during her self-imposed exile: Kanye rules, Twitter sucks, and if a girl won't get naked, she'd better speak the naked truth.

DETAILS: You titled your new album Sheezus. Is that an homage to Kanye or a jab?

LILY ALLEN: It's a nod to what I love about Kanye, that he'll put himself on the front line. I respect the fact that he'll talk about anything he wants to without feeling that he's compromising himself. That's something I strive to do. If he's gonna be Yeezus, I sure as hell wanna be Sheezus.

DETAILS: But the album is a lot more positive than your albums were before you took a break from the industry. Have you lost your edge?

LILY ALLEN: No, I think I'll always have my edge. I just think I'll let it out in smaller doses.

DETAILS: You recently outraged a lot of people on Twitter by saying you hate the word Feminism "because it shouldn't even be a thing anymore," meaning we should have evolved past the need to fight for equal rights. Were you surprised to be branded antifeminist?

LILY ALLEN: I guess that's the reason why everybody in this industry is so bland and says nothing—because if you say something, it gets taken out of context. And I'd say 95 percent of the attacks I received over that misinterpreted comment were from women, and that makes me so angry. Women can be women's worst enemies.

DETAILS: You talk a lot about how reporters misconstrue your words. Do you ever consider being one of those people who just won't speak to the press?

LILY ALLEN: I'd love to be in that position, but I'm not. If I don't speak to the press, I won't sell any records and iTunes won't put me on the front page. I don't know, maybe my music's not good enough to sell itself. I have to do the talking to back it up.

DETAILS: After the video for "Hard Out here," some people called you racist for having several scantily clad black backup dancers. Do you feel picked on?

LILY ALLEN: No. Robin Thicke got a lot of criticism about the "Robin Thicke has a big dick" thing too. You put something out there, and in the digital age, if people have a problem with it, that problem just comes at you much quicker.

DETAILS: You've called foul on women being objectified in the media. Has it gotten any better?

LILY ALLEN: I don't know, actually. I'm having a debate with a magazine right now that won't feature me unless I agree to do the shoot in a bikini.

DETAILS: At least it wasn't Details.

LILY ALLEN: Well, your photographer did ask me to roll around on the floor in a skintight dress. I said no. I'm a wife and mother. I can't do shit like that.

• • •

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