Meet the Water- and Sand-Proof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker That Fits in Your Back Pocket

Small package, big sound.

Image courtesy of Nude Audio.

There's no shortage of portable speakers on the market, but Nude Audio's Super M—which launched on Kickstarter today—is water-proof, sand-proof, and small enough to fit in the back pocket of your jeans. (Although we've been testing a pre-production model for about a week now, and if you wear slimmer trousers, we'd recommend just throwing it into a bag.)

The Super M takes its name from this company's practice of naming its products by their size. (Nude launched last year with three speakers, the S, M, and L.)

So what makes the newest iteration super? Inside of its sleek housing are four drivers and two subwoofers that are arranged to produce surprisingly clear, 360-degree sound.

It also connects to your phone or computer fairly easily. You simply turn on the speaker, make sure your device is connected to Bluetooth, and ask the two to pair. A beep indicates that the two are synced up and ready to play.

And then of course there's added benefit of being able to take this thing to the shore, park, or pool without having to worry about grit or water short circuiting whatever you're listening to.

While the speakers aren't available at retail yet, a $99 pledge to Super M's Kickstarter campaign will secure one for you. Nude's founders Peter Riering-Czekalla and Tom Dudderidge promise in a video that these will ship by the end of the summer—just in time to enjoy one worry-free trip to the beach. It's a prospect that must have people really excited. As of this post, with 29 days left in the campaign, over half of the $75,000 needed to start producing the speakers had been raised.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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