The Splurge: Restaurateur Michael Chernow's Most Memorable Meal in Barcelona

"The food was perfect. Not fancy, not over the top, and simple yet perfect regional cuisine."

Photo Credit: Melissa Hom
  • FOR THE SPLURGE, we ask tastemakers to tell us about their most recent—and most extravagant—purchases.*

A co-owner of The Meatball Shop, which recently opened a sixth outpost on the Upper West Side this summer, Michael Chernow has taste buds that love to travel. Naturally, when asking him about his latest purchase we had to ask about his most memorable meal.

Coolest new product you bought?

I recently splurged on a car. We (my wife and I) got a British green 2011 Supercharged Range Rover with chocolate leather interior with beige trim. Classy, and essentially brand new with only 18,000 miles on it. I drove a classic Land Cruiser for years and it's still my baby, but she couldn't make the trip back and forth from our home upstate anymore. I love the Range Rober ... I just never thought I'd have a fancy car, so I'm stoked.

Most memorable, extravagant meal?

One of the most memorable meals ever was in Barcelona at a restaurant called Cal Pep, a truly exceptional experience. The food was perfect. Not fancy, not over the top, and simple yet perfect regional cuisine. What made the experience a stand out was not only the superb food, but the quintessential restaurant environment. The perfect lighting, 'restaurant noise' (the mesh of music, people chatting, glasses clinking), style of service, and the way everything came together as a whole. It's truly an inspirational restaurant for me.

Last noteworthy travel expereince?

We flew into Bordeaux, rented a car, and drove through the south of France all the way to Niece. An epic trip, just over two weeks. We did a leg of the trip on horseback, which was very special. We also made the decision to wing our accommodations, as we didn't want to commit to any one place for any length of time. Airbnb was how we pulled it off and it worked out very well. Met some awesome people and ended up in places we never would have had we planned the trips stays' from home. If you are adventurous, I'd recommend this style of travel. If you like 100% security, do not do this. We are always in for some adventure.

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—Andrew Villagomez is a men's lifestyle and travel writer and a Details Network contributor. Follow him at @VeeTravels.

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