Milan Report: John Varvatos Spring/Summer 2011

First Look: John Varvatos Spring/Summer 2011

John Varvatos, the designer who proved dressing rock stars could be a career instead of a one-off, was in a celebratory mood. It is, after all, his 10th anniversary in business and his sixth season in Milan. So to commemorate the moment, he's launched a fall campaign featuring some of his past ad stars as well as a few new ones. Everyone from Iggy Pop to Lenny Kravitz to Robert Plant posed for the black and white portfolio, which wrapped around both sides of the runway. And let's just say those men wouldn't be disappointed with what Varvatos had on offer for spring. He kept it light, masculine and easy—mixing different shades of beige and white in different fabrics. The collection made for a kind of fashion anthem that rockers—and those who just rock out on air guitar—could stand behind.


Luca Sani

Maybe Tom Wolfe was really on to something. The newly imagined white suit—rumpled and undone—is shaping up to be a spring 2011 essential.


Luca Sani

How do you make a plaid shirt look fresh? Throw a trim vest over it.


Luca Sani

A simple T-shirt is all you need when your coat is as well tailored as this one.

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