Milan Report: Prada Spring/Summer 2011

First Look: Prada Spring/Summer 2010

Attention men. Miuccia Prada has something to say: It's time to bring back the three-button suit. Yep, that vestige of eighties fashion turned up on Prada's spring runway. This time, however, it didn't look like a Hefty bag with fasteners. It was slim, pressed to the body, and completely modern. If you're not the kind of man who spends his days in suits, don't worry. Prada offered up something for just about everyone. Jocks get a sleek new pair of wrap-around sunglasses. Med school students can rush out to buy her version of designer scrubs. And for the rest of you guys, well, we recommend investing in one of her vividly striped sweaters.


Luca Sani

The newly engineered three-button suit


Luca Sani
  • The striped sweater has been ubiquitous, but Prada's version is fresh and unexpected*


    Luca Sani

    If you want a fashion forward knit, but solids are more your speed, this boat neck sweater will do the trick


    Luca Sani

    Here's how to wear separates and still create a look that's as cohesive as a suit


    Luca Sani

    Prada scrubs. We'll let you talk amongst yourselves on this one

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