Milan Wrap: Gucci, Giorgio Armani, and Dsquared

As the Milan spring 2011 shows wrapped up, it was clear that fashion loves to sample itself more than ever.

As the Milan spring 2011 shows wrapped up, it was clear that fashion loves to sample itself more than ever. Dsquared was riffing on Giorgio Armani while Giorgio Armani was referencing, well, Giorgio Armani. And at Gucci, creative director Frida Giannini was channeling the Italian playboys of the house, circa 1978. In fact if you liked Blondie, would kill for the wardrobe from American Gigolo, or just always thought high-waisted jeans should make a comeback, these shows had your number. These designers celebrated the era between the end of the seventies and the start of the eighties in clothes made for the beginning of the teens.


Luca Sani

Suede shorts are not for every man, granted, but the fit is impeccable. As for the printed shirt—it's classic Gucci, but should only be worn if you like the spotlight.


Luca Sani

If you want to make a tux jacket a little less formal and a lot more sexy, take Gucci's lead and pair a silky inky two-button with trim white pants.


Luca Sani

Even though we're always recommending fitted jackets and trousers, Giorgio Armani shows how slouchy can be both well tailored and modern.


Luca Sani

Three's a charm. Atypical patterned suits, like these sharp gingham two-buttons, are lightweight and unexpected.


Luca Sani

A closer look at the pattern: Gingham isn't just for shirts anymore.


Luca Sani

Saturday Night Fever's Tony Manero is alive and well and looking hotter than ever. There is a time and place for these throwback jeans—we just need to think of one.


Luca Sani

The preppies are coming. Embrace color and embellishment, especially if it's a pocket square stuffed into the pocket of a yellow short sleeve sweatshirt.


Luca Sani

If the set—a chic early eighties apartment—and the soundtrack—Blondie's "Call Me,"—weren't dead giveaways about the inspiration for Dsquared's show, then the Julian T-shirt was. Julian, of course, was the name of Richard Gere's character in 1980's American Gigolo.

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