Missing Links: A Visual History of Literary References on The Simpsons, Life-size Lego Cars, and MTA Introduces "The Weekender"

An essential reading list of the best things you might have missed on the web this week.


A Visual History of Literary References on The SimpsonsThe Atlantic

Three Bands Everyone Pretends to Like More Than They Actually Do— Thought Catalog

Watch a Full-Size Ford Explorer Built Out of 380,000 Legos— Jalopnik

The Biological Basis for Behaving Badly— Huffington Post

Monkeys on Typewriters "Close to Reproducing Shakespeare"— Gawker

See Amy Poehler as 30 Different Alter Egos— Vulture

Seventy-Five-Year-Old Chair Is Turned Into Steampunk Nerf Gun— Gizmodo

MTA Introduces New Subway Map to Make You Less Angry on Weekends— Village Voice

— Maggie Mallon

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