Missing Links: Accidental Chinese Hipsters, Bisexuals Exist, and a Nirvana Reunion

An essential reading list of the best things you might have missed on the web this week.

We scour the web to find you the best intel you might have missed this week.

F*ck Yeah Menswear Got A Book Deal, And You Didn't (Stylite)

The Job Jobs Did (The Moment)

Female Action Stars Have Gotten Too Skinny to Throw a Believable Punch (Vulture)

16 Years Later, Defending David Letterman's Notorious Oscar Hosting Performance (The Awl) Accidental Chinese Hipsters (Lost at E Minor)

Jon Stewart to host "Town Hall with Nirvana" with Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Butch Vig (Consequence of Sound)

33 Awesome Hotel Rooms (Neatorama)

Lenny Bruce on Playboy's Penthouse, 1959 (Boing Boing)

No Surprise for Bisexual Men: Report Indicates They Exist (New York Times)

Ukraine's First Nuclear Missile Museum Opens (Gawker)

Brewing A Designer Beer (Fast Company)

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