Missing Links: Haiku Traffic Signs, Impractical Cheeseburgers, and the Most Powerful Images of 2011

We scour the Web to find the best intel you might have missed this week.

We scour the Web for the best intel you might have missed this week.


Photos: Courtesy of John Morse/NYC DOT
Haiku Traffic Signs Bring Poetry to NYC Streets—NPR
Molloy & Sons: Heritage Tweed—NOWNESS
The 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011—BuzzFeed
Occupy Wall Street Protester Lands a Job on Wall Street—NY Post
Relax, That Friend Request From Your Unborn Child Is Just a Condom Ad—Time
Can Earth Look Any More Gorgeous Than This? (Answer: No)—Gizmodo
On the Impracticality of a Cheeseburger—Waldo Jaquith
Bill Hader's Stefon Has Some Christmas Recommendations for You—Vulture
Damn You, Auto Correct! Reveals 9 Funniest Texts of the Year—Mashable
— Maggie Mallon

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