Missing Links: Life of Zuckerberg, Kanye Occupies Wall Street, and the World's Worst Hotel is Finally Opening

We scour the Web to find you the best intel you might have missed this week.


Life of Zuckerberg: As Told by His Brand-New Facebook Timeline—Business Insider

United Visual Artists' Creators Project Comes to Brooklyn—UVA

New Chet Haze Music Video, Son! #GETCHAZED—Videogum

Watch an Incredible Parody of the People From IKEA Catalogs—Curbed

Steve Jobs on Why He Wore Turtlenecks—Gawker

Kanye West Visits Occupy Wall Street Without Removing Gold Chains—Daily Intel

For Those Who Aren't Fans of the "99 Percent," There's the "53 Percent"—NPR

North Korea to Finally Open "World's Worst" Hotel—USA Today

—Maggie Mallon

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