Missing Links: Literature-Inspired Menswear, Kim Jong-Un Looks at Things, and Mittens Romney

We scour the Web to find the best intel you might have missed this week.

We scour the Web to find the best intel you might have missed this week.


The Book Club (The Paris Review)

Today's menswear designers are channeling their literary side by creating vintage-inspired products that pay homage to books of yesteryear.

Snoop Dogg on The Price Is Right: Rapper Co-Hosts, Wins Money (VIDEO) (Huffington Post)

In unexpected rap collaborations this week, Snoop Dogg paired up with Drew Carey for a special celebrity episode of the daytime-TV staple.

The 75 Things New Yorkers Talked About in 2011 (The New York Times)

The hot topics of the past year.

Catherine the Great Put Rollers on the World's First Coaster (Wired)

Thrill-seeking dates centuries back, but the Russian ruler was the first to commission the construction of the amusement-park favorite.

Kim Jong-un Looking at Things (Tumblr)

He succeeded his father as both Supreme Commander of North Korea and the Internet's top meme.

Celebrities Offering Scientific "Facts"? Just Say No (Time NewsFeed)

Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Snooki should not be trusted as scientific authorities.

2 Percent of Voters Thought Mitt Romney's Real Name Is Mittens (The Atlantic Wire)

Though he's campaigned for five years, a new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll indicates that most Americans don't know the Republican frontrunner's first name. (It's Willard.)

— Maggie Mallon

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