Missing Links: People Camp Out to Score an iPad 3, Goldman Sachs Defector Causes a Stir, and More

This week: A bunch of dorks camped out in front of the Apple store hoping to score an iPad 3.

We've scoured the Web to find the best intel you might have missed this week. In this edition: a Goldman Sachs employee channels Jerry Maguire, a bunch of dorks camp out in front of the Apple store, and Meghan McCain talks porn. Happy St. Patrick's Day, and don't forget to check back every Friday for a new installment of Missing Links.

• In an op-ed piece that appeared in Wednesday's New York Times, Goldman Sachs employee Greg Smith details the reasons why he's resigning from the company, and he doesn't exactly paint a flattering portrait of his employer. Here's the gist: Goldman's only interest is maximizing its own profits, and to that end, taking advantage of its clients is a routine and accepted practice. In other words, Goldman Sachs is an investment bank. Smith's Jerry Maguire-like mission statement almost makes you believe that a more responsible Wall Street is possible. Someone, please hire this guy to run your company, posthaste. [The New York Times]

• The iPad 3 came out today, and, as usual, people started lining up in front of Apple stores in New York as early as Monday. No, seriously. Camping out. To get a slightly modified version of a gadget that combines the best features of a MacBook and an iPhone, but without offering the pesky phone or computer parts. Sure, we love the iPad too, but come on, guys, you must have something better to do for five days during the week. Like, anything better to do. [Racked]

• Meghan McCain— daughter of Senator John and frequent cable-news commentator— featured in the 20 Questions segment of the April issue of Playboy. As usual, she does her damnedest to prove that young Republican women can be hip. Best quote: "I always find it fascinating that the No. 1 state per capita for downloading porn is Utah. All those pious Mormons and they're drooling at their laptops all day." McCain also touches upon other important national matters, such as the fact that she loves sex, believes it's okay to let loose with a few Jack and Cokes, and is turned on by a man with a good sense of humor, "even if he looks like Zach Galifianakis." Hear that, Zach? [Playboy]

— Goodman, associate web editor at Details**

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