Missing Links: Supervillain Gingrich and 5 Things Not to Wear

We scour the Web to find the best intel you might have missed.

Quiz: Supervillain or Newt? (supervillainornewt.com)

This surprisingly tricky multiple choice test compares the presidential candidate's ideas with those of fictional supervillains. We got a lot wrong.

Video: 10 Misconceptions Disproved by C.G.P. Grey (C.G.P. Grey Blog)

Amusing video-montage blogger C.G.P. Grey finds out if the Great Wall of China is visible from space, if cracking your knuckles really gives you arthritis and more.

Starbucks to Sell Beer, Wine in Atlanta, Southern California (Reuters)

Starbucks implements phase two in its campaign for world domination: booze.

Web Addicts Have Brain Changes, Says Research (BBC)

Turns out the hours you wasted on the Web when you were just "checking your email" are detrimental to your health—a recent study suggests chronic Internet use can rewire the brain.

If 2012's Oscar-Nominated Movie Posters Told the Truth (The Shiznit)

Prepare for the office Oscar pool with this handy (and brutally honest) guide to this year's nominated films.

5 Things Men Are Not Allowed to Wear (Thought Catalog)

Baggy, short-sleeve button downs, cargo shorts, deep Vs, and more men's fashion faux pas, as humorously outlined by one blogger.

—Maggie Mallon

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