Model in the Spotlight: Paolo Roldan

In our ongoing series, Model in the Spotlight, we get up close and personal with the world's leading male models.

Images courtesy of Soul Artist Management

In our ongoing series,

  • Model in the Spotlight, *we get up close and personal with the world's leading male models.

It seems to be the case that most aspiring male models will drop most everything in their lives in order to pursue their chosen career full-time. Not so with Paolo Roldan. The man works overtime as a buyer for Toronto menswear store Nomad. He's also one of the faces of Givenchy and a trusted member of designer Riccardo Tisci's fashion family.

Age: 35

Height: 6' 2"

Hometown: Quezon City, Philippines

Agency: Soul Artist Management

How were you discovered? About 4 years ago I was stopped by the late David Bosman [photographer and founder of Boss Models] during a buying trip for Nomad in NYC.

How do you juggle modeling and working as a buyer? It's good for me because buying season for menswear is usually around the same time as Milan Fashion Week in Europe. I also do visual merchandising for the shop when they ask me to. I've been working with Nomad for the last six years now, although on-and-off since I started modeling. My friends, the owners, have been kind enough to accommodate me while I balance both jobs.

What was your first modeling gig? A shoot for Sean John for Macy's, with Public School designer Dao-Yi Chow.

We hear you're interested in starting a menswear line. It's been on my mind for a long time now. I'm always sketching and brewing up new ideas, so when the right time comes I'll be prepared.

What kind of menswear inspires you? I really like vintage menswear, anything from military to traditional tribal knits. I love detail and how much goes in to handcrafted goods. But inspiration can come from anything; it's not just limited to clothing.

What do you think of how off-duty male models dress? You can almost always tell where a model has been recently from what he's sporting. It's very personalized and that to me comes off as very charming.

Any pre-show or pre-shoot rituals or superstitions? I just make sure I'm wearing clean underwear.

The craziest thing you've ever been asked to model? For one of my first shows I was asked to wear a pair of nude stockings—and nothing else. Luckily my agent at the time stepped in and sad no to that.

The one item from your wardrobe you'd save in a fire: My Givenchy Astrakhan coat. It was a gift from the Givenchy family just after I first started working for them.

Your grooming regimen: I'm kind of low maintenance. I cut my own hair and I have a great skin care kit from Arbonne. Just follow the steps and you're good to go. It's easy and it works for me.

If you could change one thing about your body, it would be: My feet! I'm flat footed. I could've been a better athlete if it wasn't for that.


Images courtesy of Soul Artist Management

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—Todd Plummer, follow him @toddkingston

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