Winter Preview: Bally's Everest Collection and the Best New Outdoor Gear

High-end fashion houses and outdoor brands alike are injecting cold-weather performance gear with trailbrazing style.

Photographs by Brad Bridgers

Chic, upscale alpine apparel and gear are here with high-end fashion houses and outdoor brands alike injecting cold-weather performance gear with trailblazing style.

Clockwise from top left: Coat ($2,995) by Belstaff. Backpack ($99) by Patagonia. Boots ($1,425) by Hermès. Jacket ($3,040) by Moncler W Collection. Sweater ($498) by Edun. Jacket ($3,400) by Louis Vuitton. Shirt ($390) by Patrick Ervell. Sweater ($80) by Banana Republic.


Photographs by Brad Bridgers

The Bally Boots

Bally has long been associated with mountaineering, most notably outfitting Sherpa Tenzing Norgay in a pair of Reindeer-Himalaya boots as he and Sir Edmund Hillary ascended Mount Everest for the first time in 1953. Now the Swiss brand is celebrating the historic climb's 60th anniversary with the Bally Everest collection, a capsule line that includes cashmere sweaters, leather parkas, and these low-top Viller boots ($825, shown above). Lined in suede and boasting a thick, molded lug sole (designed with a patented no-slip grip), they are the perfect answer to a snowy day—whether you're on a peak or hitting the pavement.

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