Today Is National Tweed Day: The Holiday That Makes No Sense

You're either celebrating a corrupt, long-dead politician or a fabric that's almost out of seasonality.

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Happy National Tweed Day! What, you didn't know? It's okay, we forgive you—this "holiday" is completely and utterly nonsensical. So why does it exist?

There are two theories, but no amount of Googling could confirm what this day is actually supposed to recognize. It's either in loving memory of Boss Tweed, the infamous New York politician who would have celebrated his 191st birthday today, or it's all about wearing tweed, just in time for...warm spring weather.

Aside from those in favor of dirty politics, who would want to celebrate Boss Tweed, the massively overweight spendthrift who wore a diamond stickpin that rivals the size of Kim Kardashian's engagement ring? No one, that's who. Boss Tweed was a pretty much a dick (a genius with a skill for brokering power, but a dick nonetheless) who embezzled close to $200 million of public money and treated New York City like his own personal game of Risk.

But when you think about it, remembering Boss Tweed makes a little more sense than pulling your woven wool coats and trousers out of your closet on one of the first warm days the East coast has seen in months. We've got more respect for someone who willed himself into power than any guy sweating his face off in his finest Harris Tweed just because some #menswear blog threw it up on Twitter this morning.

Outside of New York, word has it it's going to reach a high of 79 in Nashville and 70 in Kansas City. In fact, even if you live in Chicago or Denver, where it won't top the low 40s today, or if you live in some godforsaken place where there's still snow on the ground, we bid you to just say no to tweed today. Save your herringbone for mid-October, when wearing it actually makes sense.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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