Nicolas Lazaro of the Bengal Stripe Shares the Eight Things He'll Be Wearing This Fall

Nicolas Lazaro—who co-founded the Bengal Stripe in 2010—may be just months out of university, but his aesthetic is hardly collegiate. Here, he lends his clean, sophisticated taste to


Nicolas Lazaro—who co-founded the Bengal Stripe in 2010—may be just months out of university, but his aesthetic is hardly collegiate. Here, he lends his clean, sophisticated taste to

I know it's hot out there, but there's no time for gearing up for cold weather like the present. To help you start the transition, take some inspiration from this selection of pieces from my current wardrobe that will make up my cool-weather uniform.


Uniqlo HeatTech Undergarments

If you live in New York City, there's a good chance you've seen the ads for these on taxis and in the subway. The technology implemented in the fabric really works to generate and retain heat (and control odor). Plus, it is anti-static and quick drying. I opt for charcoal gray since it's less likely than white to show through outer layers.

From $13 at


Run of the Mill Cutaway Collar Oxford

The blue oxford button-down shirt is a staple of the American wardrobe, and not without good reason. It's a versatile shirt, and its strength lies in the cloth: Light-blue shirts go with most anything, and the thicker oxford cloth is less prone to wrinkling. Run of the Mill steps it up a notch with the cutaway collar, giving it a little Italian twist and making it a little more formal.


Howard Yount VBC Super 120s Flannel Pants

Though Howard Yount is an NYC-based shop, these are made in Italy using soft and lightweight Super 120s wool flannel from Vitale Barberis Canonico. They have all the features to look for in well-tailored pants: a loop to secure a belt buckle, a rear-split waistband (which makes it easy for a tailor to adjust the waist should you gain or lose weight), hand-stitched detailing, and a coin pocket. The trousers come unfinished so you can hem them to the desired length and add a cuff if you prefer.

$195 at


Charles Tyrwhitt Tan Military Pebble-Grain Boots

I bought these in the middle of the summer, justifying the purchase with the knowledge that they would replace my L.L. Bean boots as my go-tos for foul-weather wear. The thick, pebbled leather is easy to maintain, and the rubber Dainite soles will help keep your balance in slippery situations.


Vintage Wool Buck Head Tie

Ties in wool or cashmere not only add texture to your wardrobe, but they also keep your neck almost as warm as a scarf would. When it comes to my accessories, I tend to favor items that come with a bit of inherent character. The embroidered buck head on this tie reminds me of the wildlife I grew up around in the Hudson Valley.


Polo Ralph Lauren Wool Herringbone Sport Coat

I grabbed this sport coat for a song earlier this year. It has some great details, including wide peak lapels, dual vents, and a ticket pocket. It's about as lightweight as it looks, and the herringbone pattern creates a visual texture that pairs well with heftier pieces.


Berg & Berg Double-Sided Wool, Cashmere, and Silk Scarf

Since pure cashmere is difficult to print on, the patterned side is a blend of wool and silk. What I like about double-sided scarves is that they're essentially two in one—meaning you can decide which side to expose on any given day.


Vintage Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves

I inherited these from my grandfather, a surgeon who needed every bit of dexterity in his fingers for his job. These lasted him for decades and will hopefully do the same for me. The leather is buttery-soft calf, and the cashmere lining is thin but plenty warm.

By Nicolas Lazaro

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