Nike's Magista Soccer Cleats: The "Perfect" Socks with Studs on the Bottom

Nike's newest soccer cleats are designed to feel like "a sock with studs on it."

Image courtesy of Cool Hunting

When a group of soccer stars told Nike they wanted a pair of cleats that felt like "a sock with studs on it," the brand was all too happy to comply.

Nike's new Magista cleat, which fuses the brand's Flyknit upper with an ankle collar that fits like, well, a pair of socks, was designed to help players move easier when they're on the field.

"The game has become much more intense and much more aggressive and faster, so we need to adapt to the players' needs, and therefore continue to innovate, and that's exactly what we're doing with the Magista," said Martin Lotti, Nike's creative director of global football, in an interview with Cool Hunting.

Both Nike and some players are calling the boot revolutionary, but what happens when one player steps on another player's foot? We're imagining cleats perforating a so-called second skin. Not pretty. Still, there's no denying they look like a lot of fun to wear. Get up close and personal with the new shoe in the video below.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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