Cool Running Gear? Yes, from Nike x Gyakusou

Nike x Gyakusou— new line of active wear from Undercover designer Jun Takahashi— form and function.

Photo Courtesy of: Nike

Nike x Gyakusou, a collaboration with Undercover designer Jun Takahashi, launches its fourth collection this month. Rarely would I call technical running gear cool, but if ever there was an exception to that rule, this would be it. Really, though, there are two practical reasons I can't wait to get my hands on these goods in time for spring training: the variety of available colors, and the attention to technical details. I'm not the kind of guy who is inclined to rock a highlighter yellow oxford with my white Acne jeans, so I find it off-putting that the majority of active wear is offered only in neon. Finding stuff that's suitable for everyday life is no easy feat. But that's not the case with this line. Shorts, tees, and jackets come in a wide variety of subtle tones, from heather grey to olive green to navy. With regard to functionality, Takahashi himself is a runner, and it shows. These pieces are full of little performance-based details that make a huge difference, especially if you're a distance runner: there's a great light-weight jacket with zip-off sleeves, and the shorts abound with little pockets— solves the problem of where to put your keys, credit card, and iPod Nano once the winter coats come off.

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— Berkowitz

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