Identical Twin Art Stars Doug and Mike Starn, Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Remember the amazing "Big Bamb" sculpture you gawked at on the Met's rooftop 4 years ago? Now picture Russell Crowe sailing on an ark made of that in Noah.

Images courtesy of Mike and Doug Starn

This spring, identical twin art stars Mike and Doug Starn, who wowed crowds on the rooftop of the Met in 2010 with their "Big Bamb" sculpture, are again showing their work in a whole new way. You won't see their latest creation on the walls of a Chelsea gallery or in a museum. Instead, just head to the nearest multi-plex and buy a ticket to see Noah or Spiderman 2.

In Noah starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson, director Darren Aronofsky commissioned the Starns' to use "Big Bamb" as inspiration for the ark's scaffolding. In Spiderman 2, you can see two of the Starns' large moth images installed at the villain's headquarters.


Images courtesy of Mike and Doug Starn

Here's what you need to know the brothers' cinematic ascent:

Doug and Mike Starn have captivated the art world since they made their debut at the Whitney Biennial in 1987.

Their early work—photographs known for an otherworldly ghostliness—showed the Starns' conceptual focus on chaos and interdependence. Later studies, particularly their "Big Bamb" series, have built upon this initial conceptual theme while introducing new elements rooted in architecture and sculpture.

These monumental bamboo installations have been exhibited globally, and each iteration brings the series to life in a different way. Permanent "Big Bamb" sculptures can be seen at the MACRO Museum in Rome and the Naoshima Contemporary Museum in Japan. Their next permanent "Big Bamb" installation will be unveiled on June 10th, 2014 at Jerusalem's Israel Museum.


Images courtesy of Mike and Doug Starn


Images courtesy of Mike and Doug Starn


Images courtesy of Mike and Doug Starn


Images courtesy of Mike and Doug Starn

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