2 European Lights Get Rewired for Their U.S. Debut

Two highly acclaimed, retrofitted light fixture are headed to the U.S. market.

Photograph courtesy of supplier.

As anyone who's forgotten a voltage converter knows, European countries use a different electrical standard for plugging in. Which is a bit of a downer when it comes to getting your hands on a sexy lamp from overseas—it can take years to reengineer a light fixture for the U.S. market (if it happens at all). Fortunately, two highly acclaimed, retrofitted pieces are headed our way:

From London, designer Michael Anastassiades' polished String Lights (starting at $695; flosusa.com) are made with thin wires that can be configured into various shapes and hung from the ceiling in your kitchen or your bedroom. And from outside Milan, Artemide's eight-foot-tall Tolomeo XXL ($16,005; artemide.us), a mammoth version of the classic desk lamp and a conspicuous conversation piece, is being added to its outdoor collection. Even better news? As incandescent bulbs phase out, new LED lights are including built-in transformers that can adapt to any electrical charge.

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