Outasight's Insights: Top Art, Music, and Twitter Picks

New York-based singer and rapper Outasight guest blogs on Details.com.

Photo of Outasight by Ray Lego

If you haven't heard of Outasight, chances are you've heard one of his songs. (Or maybe you read our recent interview with him.) The New York-based singer and rapper is best known for 2011's "Tonight Is the Night," which was featured in a Pepsi commercial. Here, Outasight shares three of his favorite things of the moment. Check them out—and then go listen to his new single, "Now or Never," which dropped this week.


Andy Gilmore

I personally discovered Andy Gilmore while perusing various art blogs. Gilmore's work (above left) stood out thanks to bright kaleidoscopic elements mixed with geometric patterns and lush color spectrums. It's really easy to get lost within each piece, and I highly recommend doing so.

6th Sense, "Absolutely No Vinyl" Mix

My DJ/good friend/music collaborator 6th Sense recently put together a new mix that is perfect for any time of the day. He does some serious digging, finding deep cuts that will have ya grabbing your Shazam, but also plugging a few familiar songs sure to warm the soul. And I'm not just cosigning this because he's my homie. Press play this weekend while cleaning your apartment and feel free to argue otherwise. You won't. I'm pretty sure the "No Vinyl" part of the title refers to the fact that he mixed this all digitally—although the dusty grooves (hisses and crackles) would suggest otherwise.

[*Sports Illustrated's "The Vault" (@sivault)*](https://twitter.com/#!/sivault)

If you love sports, this Twitter feed is a gem. "The Vault" is run by Andy Gray, who meticulously digs through the Sports Illustrated photo archives to post nostalgic pics of athletes from different eras. He usually stays consistent with the times (so look out for more NCAA pics during tourney time and so on), but it doesn't take away from the captivating images. It's a must-follow.

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