Paris Report: Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2011

First Look: Dries Van Noten Spring 2011

Dries Van Noten is the kind of designer that flies under the radar. His clothes hover somewhere just above it. They're special and modern without trying to be special and modern. For spring, the Belgian designer said he channeled the streets of London, the salons of Paris, and weekends in New York City. Imagine a contemporary of Andy Warhol continent hopping and you'll start to get a feel for Van Noten's acid washed jean jackets, laid back khakis, and paint-splattered shirts, all of which would add just the right amount of youthful swagger to any wardrobe. And that's something all men—British, French, American, or otherwise—desire.


Luca Sani

Van Noten's acid-washed jean jacket—definitely not the kind worn by hair metal bands


Luca Sani

Fabric and cut aren't the only things that make a designer sweater stand out; Details are just as important. Check out the artful stitching on the right shoulder seam.


Luca Sani
  • A baseball jacket that's designed for guys—not varsity athletes.*


    Luca Sani

    Paint-splattered is having a moment. Here's Van Noten's stylized take on the emerging trend.

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