Paris Report: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011

First Look: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011

Every since the days of the leisure suit, men have been trying to find ways to be both stylish and comfortable. Most of the attempts, including the aforementioned poly-blend number, have failed miserably. Fortunately, Paul Helbers over at Louis Vuitton has made it his mission to create clothes that feel as good as they look. Helbers is the men's studio director under artistic director Marc Jacobs, which basically means he isn't top dog at the house, but he's your guy when it comes to menswear. He does a hell of a lot of work to create functional, modern clothing, and his work is your gain. Louis Vuitton's spring collection had the kind of luxurious pieces—lightweight nylon parkas and silk seersucker blazers—that you would buy for vacation but end up wearing all the time.


Luca Sani

If you like baseball jackets and puffer vests, then you're going to love LV's cotton and nylon zip jacket with removable sleeves. And yep, that bag is nylon and yep, that's the Damier pattern. Get on the wait list now.


Luca Sani

Here at Details we've walked you through patterned shirts that break the checks-and-stripes mold before. They're not for everyone, but if you're looking to add a little oomph to your line-up, they certainly do the trick. This shirt is designed for nights out at the beach. Throw a navy crew-neck sweater over it and it becomes acceptable in places where you actually need to wear shoes. Just remember to keep everything else low-key and neutral.


Luca Sani

This nylon jacket packs into its own bag, making it ideal for travel. The pattern kind of looks like a digitally altered camo, but the folks at LV tell us it's actually based on the skin of an extinct Amazon lizard.


Luca Sani

A Kelly green blazer isn't just for the winner of the Masters any more. This silk seersucker jacket, which is completely deconstructed, is lighter and much, much better looking. Tiger would do well to check it out.

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