Movember: Get Your Mustache on with the Charity's Co-Founder (Video)

Adam Garone kick-started an organization that has raised millions for prostate-cancer research, all by asking men to grow mustaches. At Blind Barber LA, he reveals the inspiring story behind Movember.

A mustache isn't for everyone. Then again, neither is a pink ribbon, which has nonetheless become an enduring symbol in the fight against breast cancer. As a co-founder of Movember, a charity devoted to funding a cure for prostate cancer, Adam Garone has hopes that the mustache will eventually turn into "the hairy ribbon for men's health."

And he just might get his wish. Since its 2004 inception, the Australian organization has raised $299 million toward the cause and encouraged some 800,000 men and, yes, women to sport a 'stache during the month of November.

Even if you're the kind of guy who equates mustaches with Burt Reynolds or has more trouble growing lip hair than a newborn baby, Garone still wants to recruit you. "Secretly, all guys want to see what they look like in a mustache," he jokes.

To help spread the word about Movember 2012, Details and our pals at the Blind Barber invited Garone to be this month's "Perfect Cut" subject (haircut and all) and got him to explain how growing a mustache has turned into an act of kindness around the globe. Filmmaker Ron Moon captured the action (below).


—The Details Editors

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