The Week in Fashion: Samuel L. Jackson's Blonde Mohawk, Alexander Wang's $550 Gym Bag, Pharell's T-Shirt Contest

The week's top stories in fashion news, including Isaac Mizrahi's new men's line, beard implants for facial-hair impaired, and Alexander Wang's new "crowd sourced" gym bag.

The week's top stories in fashion news.

Are your stanky gym shorts worthy of a $550 lambskin carryall? Consider stashing your sweaty sneaks in the new backpack from Alexander Wang, who "crowd sourced" its abstract pattern using a Galaxy Note II smartphone Samsung gave him for the project. Of course, the "crowd" was actually a group of stylists, photographers, and friends. Behold: fashion democracy at its finest. (New York Daily News)

Guys who can't grow a beard have a new option. Now, through the miracle of science, our whisker-challenged brethren from across the pond can rock the Santa or Abe Lincoln looks with the help of beard-implants—as in, hair plugs for your face—which are gaining popularity among unhairy Englishmen. (MSN)

Don't act like you aren't constantly wondering what Samuel L is up to. The man who made famous lines like "It's my duty to please that booty" and "There are motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane" is a meme-generating machine and now also a source of hair inspiration. When we glimpsed the actor rocking a bleached blonde mohawk in the role of Chaney (in the new trailer for Spike Lee's remake of Old Boy), we promptly made a hair appointment. (You Tube)

Amateur designers should start brushing up on their Japanese: Pharrell Williams is staging a T-shirt design contest in collaboration with Japanese mag, Olie. The winning design will be sold in the Billionaire Boy's Club Tokyo store. (High Snobiety)

Isaac Mizrahi, who once color-coordinated runway looks with matching dyed poodles, is expanding his NYC retail empire with a new collection of menswear set to launch in fall of 2014. And good news for our stylish friends north of the border: The designer is also set to offer his QVC lifestyle brand to the Canadian market starting September 6th. It's aboot time! (WWD)

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