2008 Power List:
  1. The National Enquirer Reporter

Age: Late thirties

The garbage-sifting hacks at the National Enquirer know you don't think much of them. In fact, they're counting on it. When the weekly called out John Edwards for fathering a child with Rielle Hunter, the senator bluffed his way out of it by labeling the report "tabloid trash." The political press shared his disdain—ceding to the Enquirer the biggest political scandal of the year (Edwards eventually copped to the infidelity but is adamant that he's not the baby's father). Same with Jamie Lynn Spears' latest alleged pregnancy—which she still denies: The Enquirer scooped the mainstream media. Even when it's wrong, it can cause a stir. Within hours of Sarah Palin's nomination, the rag rushed a team to Alaska to investigate her dubious baby bump. Palin dismissed the resulting rumors that Trig was not her child, but the tabloid's digging is credited with prompting the disclosure of her daughter Bristol's pregnancy. But the Enquirer's real coup came when two reporters confronted Edwards at a hotel where, according to the paper, he was visiting his love child: The former candidate ran and hid in a bathroom. When was the last time someone fled in terror from the New York Times?


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