Obama Gets Serious, But the Internet Can't Pay Attention Because it Hates His #TanSuit

The people have spoken and they want none of this.

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President Obama walked into the White House briefing room on Thursday afternoon to talk to the press about political situations in the Ukraine and Syria. But the tan suit he was wearing when he delivered those remarks almost got more attention than his actual comments on foreign policy.

The reaction, as responses to most things on social media these days tends to be, was swift, visceral, a little funny, and a lot snarky. The comments that clogged Twitter feeds during the commander-in-chief's statement ran from unbothered (one person commented to the incredulous (another vowed he'd never vote for a Democrat again). It even already has its own parody account, @BarackTanSuit.

And while some of the criticism have an element of validity, we think it's important to remember three things:

1) This man's attire is nowhere near as important as his focus on, you know, keeping the world safe.

2) He usually looks way better.

3) If his transition from wearer of dad jeans to buyer of dark, slim denim is any indication, there's sartorial hope for this man yet.

Of course none of that stopped people from letting loose on social media. A sampling of what we saw, below:

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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