The Audacity of Style: 3 Ways President Obama Got Denim on Denim Right

The most powerful man on Earth wears a Canadian tuxedo—and our fashion director approves.

Image courtesy of The White House Official Photostream.

President Obama has taken some flak for wearing a Canadian tuxedo while on a phone call with Russian president Vladimir Putin in the Oval Office this weekend. But while some have criticized him for looking a little too casual in the world's most powerful room, we're tempted to ask how closely the man follows our fashion editors.

Just last month, we released a guide on how to wear denim on denim, and over a year ago our fashion director, Matthew Marden, recorded a video on how to pair jeans and chambray.

None of that stopped Republican strategist and former George W. Bush adviser Ron Christie from trying to take Obama down a peg. "Talking with the president of Russia about an invasion in a button-down shirt and jeans is not up to the task," Christie told The New York Daily News. "I would never presume to be that informal or casual in the office of the beacon of freedom in the world."

To be completely fair, this call did happen on a Saturday—and what better day to try out the look? Based on our in-house rules of style, here's what the commander in chief got right.

1. Keep It Simple: Apart from a little natural whiskering, you'll find neither bells nor whistles on the president's shirt or his dark-wash jeans, which follows one of the biggest rules for this look. "Just make sure the denim itself is really simple and really clean," Marden says in his tutorial.

2. Make Sure It Fits: Unlike the very normcore outfit the president was spotted in recently, this weekend's denim-on-denim look was trim and tailored—something we recommend in our denim guide.

3. Mix Your Tones: "Another great way to pull off double denim is to pair a darker-wash jean with a chambray shirt," Marden says. Learn all of his tips and tricks for getting this look right in the video below.


—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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