Product Obsession: A Facial Moisturizer That Isn't Greasy

The BB Tinted Moisturizer from Lab Series hydrates without leaving skin greasy.

Now that we're edging into spring and spending more time outdoors (or so it seemed with the warm weather in New York yesterday), using a facial moisturizer with SPF becomes more important than ever. The one that's earned a permanent place in my medicine cabinet is the tinted moisturizer from Lab Series, which has an SPF of 35. My biggest beef with SPF facial moisturizers is that greasy feeling that never goes away, but this one practically disappears after putting it on. My skin feels hydrated, not slick. The coolest part? The slight tint, which gives your face just a little bit of color without getting all Jersey Shore. Just be careful not to get it on your clothes—a foundation-like smear on your white collar isn't a good look for anyone.


—Jason Chen

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