Don't You Deserve Customized Ray-Ban Sunglasses? Of Course You Do

You can finally customize your sunglasses the same way you can with your sneakers and your lunch order.

Image courtesy of Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban's Remix customization program has been available to its European customers since last summer, but they're finally doing American fans a solid by bringing the service stateside.

The program, which is live now on the eyewear brand's website, allows you to customize the color of nine of its styles, including the classic Wayfarers. Shoppers can choose from a variety of bright colors for the acetate styles and the type of metal for the aviators, as well as the lenses for both. There's even an option to engrave the stems.

While the service adds a little to the cost of the sunglasses (your standard black Wayfarers go for $150, but a fully personalized version can run up to $200), it's a worthy addition to our increasingly customizable lives. If you can customize your sneakers and hand pick the lining of your suit, why shouldn't you get to choose exactly what your sunglasses look like?

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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