Caught in the Act

These mavericks once made headlines by taking their résumé fraud too far. Look where they are now.

Marilee Jones

Resigned as MIT's dean of admissions in 2007, when it was discovered that she'd fabricated three degrees—from Union College, Albany Medical College, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. ("Holding integrity is sometimes very hard to do," observed the book Less Stress, More Success, which she had written one year earlier with Kenneth R. Ginsburg, "because the temptation may be to cheat or cut corners.") After lying low for two years, she started Marilee Jones Consulting to bring "wisdom, clarity and sanity to college admissions."

George O'Leary

Resigned within a week of being hired as head football coach at Notre Dame, after someone realized that he couldn't have gotten a master's from "NYU-Stony Brook University"—as he'd claimed—since those are two different universities 50 miles apart. Following a brief stint as an NFL defensive coordinator, he became head coach at the University of Central Florida, where he has led the team to three bowl games, been honored as National Coach of the Year, and—after a reportedly intense training session—suffered the death of a wide receiver.

Laura Callahan

Where to begin? With her tenure as a White House IT manager, which resulted in thousands of subpoenaed e-mails missing because of a "computer error"? With a 2001 report citing her office at the Department of Labor for "waste, mismanagement, fraud and abuse"? Here, at least, is where things ended: She was deputy CIO at the Department of Homeland Security when a former underling discovered that her bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees came from a diploma mill run out of a Motel 6. Mercifully, Callahan is studying management at a New Jersey college.

Aleksey Vayner

"A model of personal development and inspiration" that is, according to his 2006 video résumé "Impossible Is Nothing" (a YouTube favorite)—this Yale grad claimed to have founded a charity for troubled kids and written Women's Silent Tears: A Unique Gendered Perspective on the Holocaust. Never mind that his charity website stated, falsely, that it had received a four-star ranking from Charity Navigator and that his book was allegedly plagiarized—today Vayner is an online marketing expert offering "e-Business Growth Solutions (Without the BS)."

Dave Edmondson

Though he claimed to hold two degrees (one in theology, one in psychology) from Pacific Coast Bible College, the former minister was forced to step down as CEO of RadioShack in 2006 after a newspaper reported that he had spent only two semesters at the school. Following a DUI conviction, he was ordered to clean up messes beneath highway underpasses and in an animal shelter. He put that experience to good use: As founder of a consignment and liquidation firm and a company that refurbishes used wireless devices, he now specializes in recycling trash.

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