Rosolio: The After-Dinner Drink of the Moment

Forget limoncello—these bars are spicing up a classic Italian liqueur.

Forget limoncello—bars across the country are cooking up their own variations of the (usually rose-petal-derived) Italian liqueur.


Photo by John Clark


Washington, D.C.

The bartenders soak apples in grain alcohol, add sugar, and combine with olive-oil-infused vodka, rosemary, and honey syrup.


Washington, D.C.

A 27-spice blend that includes cloves and fennel seeds is served over ice with Blackwell Fine Jamaican rum and Lazzaroni amaretto.


Portland, Oregon

Chef John Eisenhart simmers jars of figs, alcohol, and sugar in water for a rosolio he describes as "unctuous, rich, and fruity."


Los Angeles

Wine director Brick Loomis imports small-batch, traditional rosoli and serves them neat. His favorite: the nutty Villa de Verda.

—Kelly DiNardo

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